Release tape foot

How do I prevent the release of the tape under the foot?


There are a number of possibilities to leave a calf or Achilles tendon tape longer

• Immediately after taping the tape rubbing good warm, it adheres better to the skin.
• After taping rub the tape with talcum powder, especially at the edges. The talcum powder adheres to the edges of the tape, making the tape less likely to buckle to dress.
• Sleeping with a stocking or a netverband to the base to protect the tape.
• The Achilles tendon tape does not start under foot, but on the back of the heel.
• The anchor at the back of the heel strengthening additional transverse strip with a tape – this strip has no further function, only in order to protect, and must therefore be applied without rack on the tape. This method for reinforcement can also be used as the tape still has to begin preferably on the sole of the foot, the additional reinforcement is then as a sort of stirrup ends to and through the foot to the top of the foot or on the lower leg. Again, this reinforcement should absolutely be built without rack.
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