Precautions when using Medical Taping

Precautions taping

cleanskin_spray-183x300Skin cleaning and ontvettencleanskin_spray

The tape does not adhere well to greasing products such as creams or massage. Also, the use of hair conditioners can reduce the adhesive strength of the tape at shoulder or nekapplicaties. In such situations, the skin needs for taping to be cleaned and degreased. We recommend using the three CureTape CleanSkin Pre Taping Spray. Pre Taping Spray View in shop »

3M-Cavilon-Barrierefilm-28ml_1Highly sensitive or thin skin

To be used in an M-ze3-Caviloner sensitive or thin skin, it is also possible to beforehand 3M Cavilon spray. This spray creates a protective film on the skin, causing skin reactions can be prevented. This film layer is slightly sticky, so that the tape will adhere even better. 3M Cavilon Spray View in shop »

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