Neuralgic amyotrophy shoulder taping

How to build the best CureTape® at neuralgic shoulder amyotrophy?


While treating the M. serratus indeed poses a problem, you can still try to tape the more superficial slippage serratus in toning direction. Tape Strips of up to 2 ½ cm. wide, which can be established a working strip tape by slip of the muscle. Further, the M. trapezius pars is ascending and the Mm. Rhomboids are dealt with in toning direction. And the technique as described (in §4.5 of)) ‘the Manual Taping Concept Manual’ ‘Effects on the final score. The working strip tape in this case would come to lie horizontally between the scapulae, the second working strip can optionally be applied between Th 12 and the lateral part of the spine of the scapula.

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