Hay fever – Medical Taping

Medical Taping can offer a solution for hay fever.


About 20% of the Dutch population suffers from hay fever symptoms. These symptoms often begin in the spring by the pollen of trees, grasses and plants. The human body automatically generates antibodies against pollen, but to someone who suffers from hay fever the body reacts very violently. The immune system react’s strongly causing mucous membranes to produce more mucus which causes a range of symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes or burning in the eyes. Fatigue and fever are often associated problems. It sometimes happens that people suffer from year-round hay fever.

Within the Medical Taping Concept is a tape application which can greatly reduce hay fever symptoms or can even ensure that some sufferers remain free from complaints through the season. The results are spectacular and it is a missed opportunity not to apply this tape method in someone with hay fever.

How Medical Taping work for hay fever?

As can be exercised by a connective tissue massage impact on segmental relationships within the body, a CureTape® treatment can also affect the segmental structures with the advantage that taping is a 24-hour treatment method.


The treatment method for taping at C.O.P.D.- and hay fever sufferers are consistent with each other because both times the effect of the tape through the segmental relationship of the skin over which the tape is applied, is proceeding with the pleura, bronchi and lungs.

After taping once there has been an after effect for a shorter or longer period of time (several weeks). In chronic complaints, the tape can be put back. C.O.P.D. Patients indicate that they have more lung capacity and that they need less medication.

Work Description hayfever tape:

The hay fever tape is applied by means of two different tapes. Often only one tape need be applied, if the symptoms do not diminish a second tape can also be applied. Below you can read how the tapes to be made.


Tape 1: dorsal lung zone

Cut an ‘X’ piece of 5 cm or 7.5 cm tape from the role, as measured in the stretched position from the upper edge of the spine of the scapula, over the spinous Process, angled to the inferior of the scapula.

It is important to affix the tape without stretching. The skin is placed on rack by flexion of the spine and by bringing the shoulder girdle in protraction by ticking along for the poor. The midpoint of the X tape is placed at the height of the spinous Process TH6-Rh8. Thereafter, the upper working strips left and right cranial to the spina scapula are laid, the lower operating strips are placed left and right caudal to the inferior angle of the scapula. The four anchors then lay in the neutral position (no stretch).

hayfever X taping 1 hayfever X taping 2

hayfever X taping 3

Tape 2: auxiliary breathing muscle: Mm. Pectorales

With chronic lung problems M. Pectoralis major often hypertonic, make a relaxing tape gives relief.

Cut 2 Y-tapes of 5 cm in width measured in stretched attitude from the top of the humerus along the clavicle to the sternum. This muscle tape affixing unstretched. The basis of the tape lay in the neutral position of the humeral head, then bring the skin to stretch through abduction and external rotation of the arm and retraction of the shoulder girdle. Then, the upper strip acting caudal to the clavicle down to the sternum and lower operating strip along the muscle belly inferiorly and slightly medially. The anchors then moor in neutral.

hayfever Y taping 1 hayfever Y taping 2

hayfever Y taping 3

Reduce hay fever complaints with Medical Taping therapy CureTape®? Always have the treatment by a professional practitioner who is aware of the Medical Taping Concept!


Additional information for therapists

Due to the high demand for this tape application we make a hay fever poster. In addition, we have developed a job description of the hay fever tape and an evaluation form. To see how successful the hay fever tape, we would like to collect data from the field, while we need your help.

We appreciate it greatly if you would like to share the results with us by returning the completed forms to us. Of course, this information will be treated confidentially. Through it we collect all the results get a good picture of this tape application and we can share it again with fellow practitioners (note: the data from the study are only useful when the final assessment is completed, we recommend that you contact after treatment to the person treated for the final).

Below you can download the job description, the evaluation and hay fever poster as a PDF.

hay fever brochureDownload the job description PDF »

hay fever evaluation form

Download the evaluation PDF »

hay fever poster

Download the poster PDF »

Many practices have received the hay fever poster and the evaluation of us, unfortunately we can not send anyone this. If you practice as interested in a hay fever poster and evaluation? Please contact us via info@fysiotape.nl so that we can send them.

Besides these documents, we have also developed an image for display in practice, download the display picture »


A Medical Taping follow-up course?

The hayfever application is one of the applications that will be explained during the Medical Taping course for physiotherapists. Meanwhile, thousands of therapists have followed this course. If you have not followed this course and are you interested in? Read more about the Medical Taping course for physiotherapists »


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