Cooling with thigh strain in the quadriceps

Should I cool (icepack) when a player has sustained a thigh strain in the quadriceps?


There are three reasons why you could deal with ice. The 1st reason is to work damping pain by influencing the neural system, the pain is caused by a reactive hypertonia. But if the pain is caused by hypertension, a detoniserende CureTape® works faster and milder, while improving the circulation of the respective fibers. The 2nd reason is to work damping pain by influencing the circulation, the pain is caused by a swelling. Ice cream gives a vaso-constriction, but then a reactive vaso-dilation. The vaso-constriction, in essence, prevents the discharge of the swelling, while local pressure reduction here is actually the treatment objective. The vaso-dilation may reason that even the swelling increases, thus further pressure increase, thus further disruption of local circulation, so just more pain. The treatment with CureTape® allows for a much faster and improved discharge, therefore, pressure reduction, so less pain. The 3rd reason could be to work with ice to prevent any further swelling. The same reasoning applies as in the second reason.

Cold Cure Tape gel relieves pain by providing a cooling effect at e.g. sprains, bruises, strains, headaches and ontstekingen.Het reduces swelling and relieves tension in the muscles. Also to relieve growing pains. Can be used during pregnancy, as well as in children.
This Cold Gel can be used perfectly in combination with CureTape.

Application: Apply the gel to the affected area and rub it lightly. Repeat several times a day.
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