Nausea and an upset stomach

Nausea and upset stomach can be very annoying. Many professional practitioners now know that the taping of a diaphragm CureTape® can be applied to various stomach complaints such as stomach pain, heartburn and nausea. Nausea and stomach disorders can significantly reduce the influence of CureTape®. You can do a lot for your client by using this application tape while complaints of nausea and stomach upset.

Why does the tape at an upset stomach?

The body is anatomically comprised of “segments”. Organs and other body parts get within one segment control from the same spinal nerve. There is a relationship between the diaphragm, stomach and skin area that is taped. The “stimulus” that gives the tape ensures reduction in “web tension” in the stomach area which reduce the symptoms or even disappear.

How to tape your stomach upset and nausea?

Tape 1:
The length of the ith strip is measured in stretched attitude over almost the entire width of the hull. Let your client extend the arms up and inhale so that the abdomen expands slightly. Stick the tape caudal to the xiphoid (xiphoid at the lower sternum) laterally. This unstretched.

nausia 1

upset stomach-nausea-taping-1

nausia 2

upset stomach-nausea-taping-2

Tape 2:
The length of this strip-i will also be measured in stretched attitude, and then at the level of Th 12, over almost the entire width of the hull. Your client needs to make the skin stretch by protraction of the shoulder girdle and flexion of the spine. Then inhale up and the tape at the level of Th12 laterally laying unstretched.

nausea 3nausea 4upset stomach-nausea-taping-3maagklachten-nausea-taping-4

Nausea or stomach complaints deal with Medical Taping therapy CureTape®?
Ask a (edema) physiotherapist for advice!

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Note: Please note that the specified tape applications and information on our website about the opportunities in the Medical Taping Concept, have not yet been scientifically proven. The statements and examples cited are based on long term experiences of patients and skilled therapists.