COPD and other lung diseases

Medical Taping in COPD

Physiotherapist Peter Willemsen would like to share with you his experiences

This application is often carried out in COPD but also with other lung diseases such as pneumonia or asthma.


COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and other lung diseases


COPD is an umbrella term for several chronic lung diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema. Netherlands currently has approximately 320,000 COPD patients die each year and there are about 6,000 people with this disease.

In 85% of patients, COPD is caused by smoking and at 15% by prolonged exposure to dust particles or a congenital defect enzyme. Most patients are older than 40 years.

Symptoms of COPD are increased salivation, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

The disorders that cause COPD cannot be cured. The treatment is focused on reducing the symptoms and the prevention of deterioration. This can be done with medications, lifestyle changes and exercise supervised by a physiotherapist.

Other common lung diseases are asthma or pneumonia. All of these conditions can cause pain, chest tightness and shortness of breath.
The physical therapist can deploy very successful in all of these lung diseases CureTape® in alleviating the symptoms of these patients.

Physiotherapist and Medical Taping specialist Peter Willemsen happily shares his positive experiences with lung patients with us;

Peter Willemsen is a physiotherapist in both hospital Rivierenland in Tiel and in his own practice in Buren (Physiotherapy Middle Korn). One of his specialties is treating lung patients. CureTape® is used successfully for years by him as part of the treatment of various lung diseases. We would like to give the floor to Peter Willemsen about his “Chanel Tape”:

On our long ward in the hospital, we see many COPD patients who come in with exacerbations (lung attacks). Besides dyspnea (shortness of breath), these people often give pain to around the thorax (chest cavity). This is quite logical, as the work of breathing during these exacerbations (lung attacks) is many times higher than in a normal situation. cough also provides a much higher burden on the respiratory system. COPD tape CureTape® actually always makes sure that patients have less pain and therefore indirectly experienced a reduction in dyspnea. I still find it difficult to explain to patients how well it comes and how CureTape® works. However, I can tell you that it works! Last week asked my colleagues in the hospital if I wanted to watch it with a boy of 16 who was there with double pneumonia (pneumonia). He was cramped and had lots of thoracic pain. After I taped him, he could breathe instantly better, he had less pain and he could better efforts. He noticed immediate improvement and during his hospitalization, I taped him several times. See below how I applied it.
























A week after he was released from the hospital, he called me in my practice in Buren. His tape was released and he immediately regained more complaints. If he could come by for a new tape.

Such an example is not unique. In my own practice, there are many patients whose CureTape® is used in cases of exacerbations (lung attacks), infections and pneumonia, or other situations where the respiratory system is overloaded. Lot lung patients benefit from and I’m glad I can use it where it is needed. Peter Willemsen Long Physiotherapist Physiotherapy The Low Korn hospital Rivierenland

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Note: Please note that the specified tape applications and information on our website about the opportunities in the Medical Taping Concept, have not yet been scientifically proven. The statements and examples cited are based on long term experiences of patients and skilled therapists.