Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape is an elastic cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive layer. It has the same properties as the skin in terms of elasticity and thickness. The tape remains dependent on the quality slices about 3 to 7 days and is water resistant.

The elastic tape was developed in the 70s in Japan. The method originated from the principles of the kinematics known under the name of Kinesiology.
Kinesiology is a form of therapy in which use is made of muscle testing in order to find out where the balance is disturbed in the body and how the balance can be restored.
In Japan and was invented later in Korea, that by making use of elastic tape at Kinesiologist’s a faster recovery of the balance was achieved.

Kinesiology tape can be used in various injuries and complaints. It accelerates the self-healing ability of the body, providing support, stability and gives no movement restriction. The tape treatment is part of a total treatment of a health care professional. The kinesiology tape can be used throughout the healing process.

How kinesiology tape works ?

When applying kinesiotape the muscles and joints are brought into (from) stretched position, and then the tape is stuck to the skin. So full of motion remains possible. When the body comes back in a relaxed position, the tape lifts the skin slightly. Where the tape is stuck you see waves arise. These are called convolutions.

The convolutions creates space between the epidermis and dermis which are all kinds of receptors on nerves, blood and lymph vessels.
In the upper layer of the skin (the superfasciale fascia) are located 85% of the pain sensors. By tape the pain dampening system is activated. The pain disappears and thereby the patient can move back and better use can be made of the original muscle function. This result is immediately noticeable in the treatment of the therapist.



Kinesiology tape in the Netherlands, the CureTape range

CureTape assortimentIn 1998 FysioTape B.V. as one of the first companies in Europe introduced this method kinesiology tape on the paramedical market.

With its own team of teachers, the courses developed and are known under the Medical Taping Concept.
from 2003 produces and supplies FysioTape B.V. Product CureTape®. This tape is produced in its own factory in Korea and meets the highest quality standards. CureTape® is registered as a medical product is a Class 1 and is annually tested by TUV.

Medical Taping has proven in recent years have shown in the physiotherapy practice in the Netherlands, a study in 2014 offering in the Netherlands 71% percent of the Medical Taping practices. That’s after General Physiotherapy the most used form of therapy among the practices.


Buying Kinesiology tape ?

curetape-bestellencure tape Order physio tape is exclusive product of its own brand kinesiology tape: CureTape®. Since 1998 CureTape® is produced in our own factory in South Korea, because we manage the production process itself, we can guarantee the highest quality.

Properties of CureTape®

• High product quality
• No addition of drugs
• elastic cotton tape with a stretchability of 130 to 140% (similar to the human skin)
• Air and water permeable but resistant to water (showering, swimming)
• Hypoallergenic 100% acrylic adhesive layer, arranged according to a wave pattern and activated under the influence of body heat
• CureTape® can remain for several days, for a unique 24-hour treatment

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