General Information

General information
FysioTape B.V. is a Dutch company founded in 1998. We were the first to the Medical Taping Concept (Kinesiology Taping) introduced in Europe. A tape method that is used in virtually all countries.
Since 2003, we have quality product CureTape®, currently Europe’s most used kinesiotape the manufacturer for the professional market.
The brand CureTape is produced in our own brand new factory in South Korea. Which means that we can closely monitor the production process, monitor and, where necessary, adjust. This is why we can guarantee a high quality our customers.
The factory is ISO 9001 certified and is working with the latest equipment.


CureTape has the TÜV quality marktuv mark
To show that we have CureTape® meets TÜV Rheinland on the highest quality standards to test the product. TÜV Rheinland is one of the leading international suppliers of (technical) services for quality and safety.
The conclusion of TÜV Rheinland: CureTape® is safe and 100% latex-free quality product and we are proud of our TUV certification.


International CureTape website
CureTape® is sold worldwide via a large dealer network. On our international website you can click on the desired country to get in touch with a partner in that country. On this website you can also find more information about the product CureTape® in different languages.

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