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Horses tape: VetkinTape® – kinesiotape for horses and animals History elastic taping In the 80’s in Japan and Korea invented the elastic kinesiotape. This tape is different than the normal white athletic tape. The elastic kinesiotape aims to mobilize in order to activate the self-healing ability of the body. By “lifting” effect of the tape on the skin are various systems in the body activated which provides immediate improvement in function that allows a faster recovery from various injuries and complaints is possible. FysioTape B.V. in late 90s Europe acquainted with this revolutionary method tape and paramedics trained in the Medical Taping Concept. In 2003 FysioTape has developed its own brand; CureTape®. Meanwhile CureTape® and associated tape method so common that at this time in the Netherlands with approximately 72% of the physiotherapy practice this tape method is offered as a form of treatment. After general physiotherapy, the most used form of therapy in the physiotherapy. That’s a great result for a relatively new treatment method. Within the treatment can achieve immediate results by looking, listening and taping. Does the tape does not then you have to change something. That direct effect of Medical Taping experienced therapists as very positive.

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Development horse tape Human therapists who treated animals went from 2007 to apply this tape method and gained especially in horses good results. Only the human kinesiology tape needed to be further developed into a suitable product for the veterinary market, which improved adhesion to a coat is possible. CureTape® is produced and developed in its own factory in Korea. By seeking collaboration with experts from the veterinary industry has managed to develop a kinesiotape which is especially suitable for animals VetkinTape®. We are unique and distinguishes us in the market. How does the tape in horses?

horse rear endIn humans, updates the tape by the lifting effect of the tape on the skin. Fascial structures are stimulated and the self-healing ability of the body is turned on resulting in more rapid recovery of various complaints and blessures.Humaan therapists taping a hairy skin in humans is not fine, and we therefore recommend the taping hair ( by removing a hair clipper). But why horses should not be shaved? On a long coat or curly coat the tape will remain difficult to sit and get you not get the results that are possible. The tape sticks well to a thin coat or shaved fur (but entirely waxing really is not necessary!). The coat should be dust and grease. The special tape for horses (VetkinTape®) passes through the hair roots signals to the skin allowing various systems to work in the body. A slight pull the hair through the tape can already give the right incentives to evoke reflex responses. The tape treatment enhances the effect of the overall treatment of a therapist. The tape remains on average between 3 and 5 days on the horse, of course, also depending on the area to taping. Takeout is quietly happening and join in her direction. Piece by piece unrolling.


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Convince yourself of the quality of VetkinTape® now and make use of attractive VetkinTape® introductory offer. VetkinTape® special introductory offer consists of 4 different colors VetkinTape® for a very competitive price. You pay temporarily only € 40, – for the offer (normally € 55.80) and also this month will also receive a nice horse VetkinTape® free!   MTC course for Veterinarians and Animal Physiotherapists At FysioTape Education B.V. it is possible to track a targeted two-day training to learn all the techniques well as animals physiotherapist or veterinarian and to be able to apply in practice. The practitioner must have a good knowledge of anatomy of the horse or animal and know where the complaints are coming from. This way you ensure the best results out of the total treatment. For course information, please refer to the training section of our website MTC course for Veterinarians and Animal Physiotherapists VetkinTape® is used inter alia for:


  • horse backThe activation of the blood and lymph circulation with swelling and bruising • Treatment of stable legs • The influence of fascial structures • treating scars • Tendon Injuries and inflammation • (Na) treatment of musculoskeletal injuries • Improving muscle function (increase or decrease tone)   Product Features VetkinTape®: • 25% stronger adhesive. latex-free with TÜV quality mark. • 6 cm wide rolls x 5 meters. 1 cm wider than CureTape®. • Available in orange, black, red and blue. • Hypoallergenic, waterproof and breathable. • Specially developed for the veterinary market, which is not suitable for human skin! VetkinTape buy?


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Note: Please note that the specified tape applications and information on our website about the opportunities in the Medical Taping Concept, have not yet been scientifically proven. The statements and examples cited are based on long term experiences of patients and skilled therapists.