Scooter rash action

colourful activationcolorful activationDe outcome of the scooter action is known. It was difficult because we could choose from a lot of slogans and so it was actually a “close finish” …


In recent months we have received more than 400 slogans and December 23 we determined that we slogan find the best and we therefore in the future will use. Despite the fact that there are very nice, catchy and funny slogans were among Our final choice was made:


The winning slogan was submitted by practice FysioMedics (Medical Center Lapwing – Hengelo) and we will issue the scooter Tuesday, January 6th.

Some of the slogans Submitted for CureTape scooter action:

Be the cure. Use CureTape.

Get in shape with CureTape

Stay in shape with CureTape

Only CureTape the result is fantastic

Cure for sure

CureTape because everyone needs context

Get in shape with quick CURE TAPE!

No Tape No Cure, Use CureTape

CureTape, the biggest role for quality

… Secure Taped on the road,

move gives more color ………


Cure Tape “on the move”!

Suffer from an injury, with CureTape will not last long!

CureTape, something better for your physical symptoms is not there.

CureTape, Maximize your potentials.

Sports without pain? That’s going to cure tape fine!

No tape, no cure!

CureTape, stretch your therapy to the maximum protention!

Where is the injury? With CureTape it will not be long!

Your injury is tackled only good if you are covered with tape cure!

Muscles injured, cure with tape so they are healthy again!

With CureTape you get the best and most economical tape in the house !!!

CURE TAPE is masterly, it helps us all.

CURE TAPE masterly works, it’s phenomenal

For pain, support or sprained, cure tape helps direct

It is not for show, CureTape works like a charm.

Not a day passes, for cure with tape I’m happy.

CureTape, to secure your body!


CureTape, colorful supporter of the web

The Coulorful body support

CureTape, Your colors to Glory

I use tape on because I have quite a while pain in my leg

So it helps me again opportunity to play sports for everyone!

“CureTape for no more an escape”

” CureTape no escape ”

” CureTape keeps everyone in its grip ‘

” CureTape this is who I Dweep ‘

Stick to cure: Cure Tape

Stick to success: CureTape

CureTape: The effect will stick

CureTape: the resulting sticks to you

Are you young, old or go for gold?

Cure tape sticks to you.

Do not be mad, use CureTape

No tape no cure! !

CureTape sponsor your recovery!

Did the injury you in its grip, the solution Cure Tape

CureTape – The professional tape for a close relationship


the catchy tape

the healing tape

the duck tape

CureTape®. Stretch, stick and cure!

CureTape®. Just stick to it and you’ll find out.

CureTape®. It will stretch your job.

CureTape®. Tape to cure.

Injury time?


help in this (wed) battle!

Life is movement, movement is CureTape

CureTape, catchy stuck!

Thanks CureTape I was winning over the line!

With CureTape also get you over the line!

Roll CureTape screen with the text: What other ???

With CureTape you keep moving

Thanks CureTape you keep moving

CureTape keeps (you) moving !!

CureTape: an elastic concept ‘

CureTape: makes the treatment completely ‘

CureTape: perfect for your recovery

Preventing injuries or want a quicker recovery? With CureTape going though!

CureTape has a line through any injury !!

Injuries with a long aftermath ??? Not with CureTape …

CureTape, your personal assistant!

‘Cure tape on your muscle is moving with fun! “

Discover the role in recovery / Discover the roll in recovery

CureTape shows / Grip is in motion / movement – the CureTape effect – Now I Know CureTape, I’m moving what is free – CureTape (works) to the last detail – the only success … CureTape – CureTape is your friend – CureTape the real thing – Dream, live, sport CureTape

Escape with CureTape / Escape with CureTape

Across the line! Calculated…. With CureTape!

“CureTape, Sticks life together”

Cutting the cure, makes the moving pure

Cure tape is not for every problem the solution,

But a very valuable addition to the total treatment !!

A colorful recovery: with tape cure it goes fast

The basis for any recovery: cure tape !!

The basis for a quick recovery: to cure tape it succeeds.

with cure tape recovery: www.fysiotape point and el

CURE TAPE: athletes swear by it: cure tape belongs to me

Cure Tape: Better than tenalady

CureTape: commonsense and sensational !!

“Doping?!? No … CureTape!”

We stick with CureTape!

CureTape: Worldwide Wannahaves!

“Cure we can!”



“CureTape is your tool …… ..use it!”

Cure Tape: Tape with Care

CureTape, more than Tape!

CureTape, with color the best.

CureTape; There is movement!

CureTape; best for injuries.

CureTape works!

CureTape; versatile, dynamic, Healing.

CureTape; Complete Taping.

When the rack is out, CureTape offers the solution

CureTape: stay you stick with us

Go for real, go for CureTape!

Cure Tape is a colorful & 24/7 therapy

Choose your color, choose CureTape

A stiff joint or muscle, CureTape lit and gives direct movement fun

CURE for sure, TAPE for better shape

better movements by colorfull movements

CureTape its all in the name!

Cure Tape: Cure on the roll!

CureTape: Original Curing Colours

The No. 1 sports tape

The no. 1 sports tape

The number 1 sports tape

The no. 1 sports tape

Move your CureTape, and Go !!

Start to Move with CureTape !!

Make your Move with CureTape!

CureTape .. healing Taping!

Healing by taping .. try CureTape!

CureTape: Colourful activation

(At) Alleviation of pain, CureTape may be your solution

Pain relief, CureTape may be the solution.

Pain relief, CureTape that only works fine.

Pain relief, CureTape to support your wellbeing.

Pain relief, CureTape, the colored line

CureTape, colored intervention in pain

CureTape, the colored stripe on pain relief

CureTape, the escape from pain. (Escape or way out in pain)

CureTape, the pain escape. (CureTape, the pain escape)

CureTape, supports the healing process.

Tape to Cure

CureTape. refuse 2 lose

CureTape: moves you!

CureTape. less pain. better performance.

CureTape. less pain. move better.

No tape no cure

CureTape paste every problem well

With CureTape you experience less pain which move again can be fine.

“CureTape, much imitated, never equaled!”

CureTape pulls recovery over the line

CureTape colors your day !!

Curtape Improves your moves !!

If you want to apply for a solution … .apply cure-tape !!

Μπορώ να χρησιμοποιήσω cure tape αυτό είστε !!

CureTape makes you strong again!

CureTape; a colorful enhancement.

CureTape takes good care of you!

Be ready with CureTape

It’s CureTapetastic!

Pure power. CureTape.

CureTape it’s a kind of magic!

Make it yourself comfortable. CureTape.

In good shape with CureTape!

FysioTape, CureTape, keep your stick with us!


Improve your move with CureTape

CureTape: Like it !!

CureTape: Complaints? Just name it, then tape it!

CureTape, an elastic concept.

CureTape, stretching the limit.

CureTape, stretching your limits.

Stretching boundaries, CureTape.

Masters in movement, CureTape.

What’s moving you? CureTape.

Perfection in movement, CureTape.

CureTape. Give it 110%.

CureTape, Next in movement.


Cure Tape, the tape That really cures, CureTape colors your life! CureTape, tape to cure

CureTape, colorful healing CureTape, the colorful remedy for your pain

CureTape, just tape it! CureTape, let the tape do the cure

Keep Calm and use CureTape

Upgrade yourself with CureTape or

Strengthen yourself with CureTape,

CureTape; Feel the difference.

Tape sure. CureTape.

CureTape t feel a difference.

CureTape. It’s a miracle.

CureTape. Sure tape!

Cure Tape the original!

Go farther with CureTape.

CureTape you strengthened.

CureTape When You need result (s).

CureTape, the wise choice!

CuerTape your help and support.

CureTape, only if you want the best.

CureTape gets the job done.

CureTape; ” Gets you back in motion ”


With tape on your skin, you have faster recovery

With tape on your skin, quick recovery

CureTape on your skin is better than a medicine

CureTape on your skin is better than any medicine

CureTape …. Your rolmaatje with injuries !!

CureTape pocket, your rolmaatje with injuries!

With CureTape you run like clockwork!

CureTape, the way to cure / CureTape helps to heal

CureTape a Fascienerend effect / CureTape a tape in the right direction

CureTape; active support in a colored jacket!

CureTape; an adhesive solution

My Tape? CureTape! / I’m nien trail, I use CureTape!

That’s the rub, always CureTape / After a hit with the whip, use CureTape!

CureTape keeps you moving / Freedom of movement by CureTape /

combination Tehrapy by CureTape / Physical Professionals choose CureTape

CureTape from professionals to professionals / CureTape cause only the best is good enough for pros

CureTape, a natural support in movement / CureTape a natural support in movement

CureTape makes movement (possible) / CureTape as mild as possible, so direct desirable

CureTape, stretching the physical support / CureTape, stretching for movement

CureTape, stretching the possibilities, CureTape stretching the limits

CureTape makes movement better, CureTape flexability for support in recovery

CureTape, flexible support and recovery

CureTape sticks with you!

For a variety of complaints, you CureTape expect a capital gain

CureTape, No Cure, No Pay

CureTape, pull on the line

CureTape gives direction

CureTape gives direction to a better recovery

CureTape gives direction to a better relaxation

CureTape gives direction to a better drainage

CureTape, your recovery in the elevator!

CureTape lift your recovery to the next level

CureTape, only counts the best!

CureTape makes a real difference!

Need help to be in shape, Get CureTape

Cure Tape: for a change ……

CureTape, the original !!

CureTape sticks to Health!


For CureTape on your skin, go to the Physical Therapist!

A bit of optimism, a new life rhythm that means Cura Tape Creations

CureTape, very good!

CureTape, very (t) good!

CureTape, pure perfection

Now I know cure tape, I know what the possibilities are

Experience the value of cure tape

Recovery starts with cure tape

FysioTape turns every sport performance!


Want a faster recovery?

With CURE TAPE succeed though!

“CureTape, the connection between man and the movement”


Cure Tape is elastic, it makes you move fantastic!


“Complaints deals with CureTape

Displays recovery without aftermath “

Painless recovery; CureTape, do it quickly.

Let’s cure it, let’s tape it, so CureTape it !!!

Flexible, Colourful, functional taping alway’s use CureTape !!

Using Cure tape,

often a nasty aftermath.


get cured …

Taped get …..


Wanna get cured? …

Make sure you got taped …..

CureTape: limitless !!

CureTape pushes your limits

CureTape: try once again to get out !!

CureTape, the colorful solution

CureTape, the colorful solution.

CureTape. Experience the power.

CureTape. Experience the power.

CureTape: just use it.

Colorful CureTape look

The colorful CureTape look.

Thanks. CureTape.

Always the real color, always CureTape.

CureTape you / your specialist

The colorful power of CureTape

CureTape. The colorful power.

CureTape: the right choice / the right choice.

Get people into great shape, use CureTape!

CureTape “Get’s under your skin ‘

FysioTape because the stretch is not out yet

As you move too, Physio Tape moves with you

FysioTape, damn, it works

FysioTape for each turn you are wringing

FysioTape for a little color in your life

In adversity works FysioTape with you

…. No better recovery with cure tape into the game …..

CureTape, stick to your health

CureTape, stick to quick recovery

Top Tape, tape CureTape!

CureTape, Quality tape!

CURE TAPE: 1-2 – CURE (phonetically pronounced as “WANT TO CURE)

1x cure tape, always cure tape !!

1x cure adhesive tape ?? Always packed cure tape … ..

” CureTape: embracement & emtapes your life comfortable! ” ”

I’m Cured

CureTape; On the move!

CureTape; a case of joint!

To cure or not to cure with tape ….. that’s the question.

Just Tape It!

Cut, plaak, feel better

Kleurijk and effective

Then tape It Move It

Colourful support for the whole body

Cure tape fixt it!

Sit with your muscles in a fix? CureTape does help …

CURE TAPE …… for SURE !!

Stay on top wuth CureTape

Red white blue yellow or green tape to cure motion engine will do it again?

take care with cure tape.

with colors cure, cure, cure with tape

color your life, cure, cure with tape

Use CureTape to perform at your best shape!

Injury sustained buy CureTape.

With Cure-tape it on your skin, your recovery goes fast forward

“Enter the effect; Use physio tape ” Quality and Fast Recovery? Physio Tape helps you ‘

“CureTape p (l) akt it!”

It made three charges:

-the Paste of the tape.

-the lifts the skin.

-the Proverbial picking up the physical problem: the challenge.

Secure sticky tape!

With a scooter cure tape, I’m tapped babe


CureTape, let your body work

CURE TAPE stick together!

all in one colored bar CureTape heals

Cure Tape … for a better than good sense to move!

Do you want the best Cure with Tape

Just tape with CureTape

Just one: CureTape

CureTape Feel Better

CureTape The Bandage

CureTape The Band

CureTape the Original Band

CureTape the Original Taping

Feel free with CT

CT Means CureTape

The original CureTape

Worldwide band: CureTape

Color your life with CT

CureTape just use it

CureTape just use one thesis

Only CureTape

CureTape leading full-range

Think of the best: CureTape

Choose the Best: CureTape

Use the best: CureTape

CureTape to be sure

CureTape the only one choice

CureTape: Ask the best

Cure Tape the choice taping

CureTape is the best a sportsman can have!

CureTape support where you need it

Cure Tape Support on the spot

CureTape Supports you

Cure Tape Gets it done

CureTape Covers it all

Cure tape When you need support

CureTape Professional Support

CureTape Relieves

CureTape Immediate relieve

CureTape support where needed

CureTape Strong support

CureTape Lost it

Here is my last chance

CureTape taping your medical assistant.

CureTape the taping colored skin

CureTape works great.

Laar inspired by CureTape

CureTape, world’s favorite

Do not get mad, get CureTape

Nothing works better than the colors of CureTape

The incredible, edible CureTape

Improve your performance with CureTape!

Cut and paste are you doing to cure tape, the only tape that really sticks.

CureTape, you will stick to it ..

CureTape in colored stripes, hurts fade quickly.

CureTape the colored line, for a pain-free surgery

By pasting CureTape, you can quickly regroup your rhythm

On your arms, legs or back, with CureTape does not back pain

On your arms, legs or back, with CureTape the pain disappears very quickly

A scooter in bright colors, our street does cheerful perk.

With some CureTape colors on my snout, laughing my surroundings

towards me.

CureTape tapes your cure!

CureTape, your injury escape!

Stick to your goals!

– The winner tapes it all

– Tape it or leave it

– Tape it and leave it

CureTape, it keeps you moving

CureTape, moving with confidence

CureTape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The happy treatment!

CureTape makes me happy!

CureTape …. give color to your recovery

CureTape, a colorful stimulus

CureTape, the active treatment

CureTape … the tape your body would choose

CureTape … treat me colorful

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