Taping a bruised finger

Bruised middle finger also deal with CureTape®?


Is there still a swelling, you must first put a draining tape, for example a microphone grid as described in (§ 5.6), “the Manual Taping Concept Manual. You then use very narrow strips of tape spirally to connect the finger, here preferably applied from the hand in the direction of the fingertip. Litteken4
Then you can stabilize the affected gewrichtje as described in (§ 3.3), “the Manual Taping Concept Handbook”, medially and laterally applied. finger-stabilizing
Alternatively you can influence the movement towards the painful direction aid of the techniques described in (Section 4.5 of) ‘the Manual Taping Concept Manual.

Litteken4   vinger-stabiliseren   Extentie-beperken1