Taping a broken collarbone

Can a collarbone fracture type 3 treated with CureTape®?


The first opinion would be to apply a lymftape in order to reduce the swelling and / or the hematoma. The decrease of the swelling will already result in a significant pain reduction.

Lymftape on the back can be employed a stabilizing tape. If there is no dislocation, the stabilizing tape is laid down in the longitudinal direction of the clavicle, with maximum elongation on the working strip.

Should there be a dislocation, it may on both sides of the fracture parts of a cautious I-tape to the desired direction can be applied.

Often, it is experienced as enlightening to then still to apply a correction to the retraction attitude. This may have in various ways, but because of the limitations in mobility is an I-tape from the point of shoulder in the direction of Th 12 probably the best executable methode.Vooraf may cooperate with the hand to be determined whether this posture corrective tape indeed added value. It can also be manually determined whether this posture correction should be applied unilaterally or bilaterally. posture Correction