Hamstring Injury – Medical Taping

The hamstring injury is a common often acute injury of the thigh, this injury is high in the top 10 most common sports injuries.


How is a hamstring injury?

The hamstring is a collective name for a group of muscles at the back of the thigh. The main function of the hamstring is the stretching of the hip and the bending of the knee joint. the hamstring when running knee also helps. In many sports, these muscles are often shortened and explosive sports such as soccer and handball can easily hamstring strain or tear. The cause of this injury should be sought in an imbalance of the thigh muscles (muscle length and strength) and instability of the trunk and pelvic muscles.


Treatment with CureTape® within the rehabilitation process

The recovery from a hamstring injury often takes a few weeks to three months depending on the severity of the injury. A treatment with CureTape® supports the rehabilitation process because after a Medical Taping treatment, the pain disappears and the function returns. Therefore, a patient can better perform muscle strengthening and stabilizing exercises of trunk and pelvis. Also this tape application of the hamstring can be used preventively during the games.

Work Description hamstring tape:

hamstringblessure-toepassingMeasuring tape length when stretched position of the hamstring. The patient can lie or stand as the home position.


  • Place the end of the tape at the head of the fibula and the condyle laterlis / medial tibae • Have the patient extend down to the knee and flex the hips. Then put CureTape 10% elongation up to the ischial tuberosity (under the buttock) • CureTape good rub for better adhesion


Medical Taping follow course?

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