Contraindications to taping

Are there any contraindications which you could not taping?


Although there are about contraindications yet not much is known below are a number of situations mentioned that can potentially cause a problem. Taping is …
• Non-hazardous by an acute injury, which can not be diagnosed properly / fully. When taping in a “too early” major symptoms can be masked at all times what should be avoided.
• Not recommended for fever or a specific course of the symptoms.
• Do not without risk if the patient is pregnant (first 3 months) with tapes in the pelvic region. Because the tape can provide an incentive to the organs of the skin is a segmental influence not entirely be ruled out.
• Not applicable if the skin reacts allergic. Itching is not necessarily an allergy, but in practice a regularly occurring reaction.
• Hazardous by a thrombosis, thrombus could come loose.
• The tape is not sterile. Taping as skin inconsistent / is not closed, is therefore not recommended. If the tape to the skin defect or wound down, stimulate the circulation ensures proper for a faster tissue repair. With a very thin skin, the tape must be removed extra careful.
• In case of a general edema (fluid accumulation) on the basis of heart disease or kidney problems, since the circulation may not be turned on.
• In case of the presence of carcinomas or metastases, since the circulation may not be turned on.
• Diabetes is basically no contraindication. In practice, however, it occurred that the treatment with tape provides a heavily modified insulin requirements, particularly if the tape is laid out in places where the patient normally inject the insulin.