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After the course you can count on us!

After attending our courses MTC is you are not alone. If you have questions about their own case studies, you can always rely on help desk below. This service gets you more familiar with the method and will develop better results.

Any questions that you have that are not listed below will be answered by sending an email to, please ensure that you include as much detail as possible. We will endeavor to respond to your request/question ASAP.

General questions

Working with Kinesiology Tape
Where can I buy kinesiology tape?
What CureTape® should I use?

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Lymphoedema and taping

Applying Lymfpress after taping legs
Lymph taping over radiation


Skin load/ irritation/ allergy

Precautions when using Medical Taping
Taping in hair
Taping with Eczema

Back taping

Reduce Bladder Complaints Medical Taping
Collapsed thoracic – lumber vertebral fracture taping
Taping for Lower back pain

Foot/ankle taping

Ankle taping
Joint correction with taping
Taping a sagging foot

Knee taping

Popliteal taping for a stiff knee
Jumper’s knee, how to tape

Leg taping

Shin Irritation (shin-splints) taping
Release tape foot

Thigh taping

Elongation quadriceps (rectus femoris) taping
Cooling with thigh strain in the quadriceps
Deeper located Piriformis muscle relaxation

Shoulder taping

Neuralgic amyotrophy shoulder taping
Taping a broken collarbone

Hand/wrist taping

Taping a bruised finger
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome taping

Elbow taping

Tennis elbow taping
Inside elbow taping

Neck taping

Brachial plexus – neuralgic amyoflexie taping
Toricolis spasmodic taping
Bison Hump taping

Taping for Babies and children

Baby Syndrome with MCLD taping
• Taping for babies
CureTape® during pregnancy

Contraindications with taping

Contraindications to taping

Specific treatment techniques

MTC in Dupuytren complaints fours
Taping a painfully withdrawn scar
Ignition Wire taping for chemotherapy
Taping for Hay fever