Menstruation problems

Did you know that CureTape® can be successfully used in women who suffer from various symptoms during or just before menstruation?

“Primary dysmenorrhea” is the medical term for abdominal and / or back problems which may be associated with, for example nausea, vomiting, depression, headache, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Primary dysmenorrhea is common. Research shows that at least 60% of women have symptoms during menstruation. In women under 20, the percentage is higher.

Cause menstrual problems

The exact cause of primary dysmenorrhea is unknown, but there is strong evidence that overproduction of the hormone prostaglandin in the endometrium is a cause of the symptoms.
Prostaglandin can cause persistent (spastic) contractions of the smooth muscle of the uterus. This creates a greater stretching of the ligaments and fascia of the uterus and reduces the blood flow in this area. The pain receptors thereby come into force.
The hormone prostaglandin causes other symptoms such as headache, nausea, diarrhea and fatigue.

The treatment of menstrual complaints CureTape®

Often menstrual symptoms are treated with painkillers. But painkillers can have side effects such as insomnia, upset stomach and headache.
Treatment with CureTape® is a non-drug therapy and is very simple and effective to implement. Within half an hour after the symptoms applying the tape are virtually no longer present. The best one, the tape can be worn for up to three days.

menstrual problems-first menstrual symptoms-2


Tape back: one long strip i.
Skin spend flexion to stretch the tape from center to the left and right SIPS construction ( “dimples” in the back).


Tape belly: two smaller i strips.
make the skin stretch with maximum inhalation state. The first strip is placed between the navel and the top of the pubic area. The second tape horizontally from the center over the first tape.

Why is this tape?

The elastic property of the tape creates a lifting effect on the skin causing pain receptors get more space. There is a segmental relationship from the spinal cord to the uterus area. The “stimulus” that gives the tape ensures reduction in “web tension” in this area which reduces the symptoms or even disappear.

A study on “the impact of CureTape® with menstrual problems” is published in the Dutch journal Physical Therapy. Read the article – the impact of CureTape® with menstrual problems »

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