Ankle-sprain (comparison to R.I.C.E.)

medical taping riceOur research into clinical evidence shows that one the Medical Taping Concept receives predominantly positive.
Acute ankle sprain is very common in the Netherlands. Their treatment is often RICE, but in recent years there has been a development in the field of Medical Taping Concept (MTC). Because we have some experience with the medical taping concept, we have chosen this topic. This action command is part of examination component for obtaining the bachelor’s degree Physiotherapy at the University of Amsterdam.
Examine whether there is clinical evidence for the Medical Taping Concept and whether there are differences in the treatment of ankle sprain with Medical Taping compared to the gold standard treatment (RICE). Is the stabilizing effect of the ligament tapes, anatomical and / or physiological be explained.
We have done a practical study using a questionnaire. To carry out the questionnaire we have 60 physiotherapists touted with a link to the questionnaire Thesis Tools. The data were processed using SPSS. We also looked for literature to support the theory. We have relevant articles collected through various search systems, and then analyzed with a CAT analysis.
From our practical research has shown that physical therapists use various medical taping techniques for various purposes. We have 30 physiotherapists had a reaction, 5 of the 30 physiotherapists we were excluded because of missing data. The muscle technique (100%) is most commonly used, but also the lymph tape (84%), influencing position and end position or space (76%) is widely used. In an ankle sprain, the tape is used by a large majority of instability complaints (92%), hematoma (72%) and arthralgia (72%). But 44% of physiotherapists indicated that the duration of treatment of an ankle sprain is shorter after use of medical taping. On the open questions regarding taxability, hematoma, stability and patient responses were overwhelmingly positive response.
The theoretical basis for the RICE principle gives contradictory responses to the physiological recovery. There are experimental studies on the Medical Taping Concept, which results are based on hypotheses. The stabilizing effect of the ligament tapes can be explained theoretically by the neuro-reflex effect and proprioception. The mechanical effect does not have any effect on the stability.
There is much research on the functioning of RICE and MTC at an acute ankle sprain. The biggest difference between the two treatment methods, RICE tries to prevent the symptoms (rubor, calor, dolor, tumor and func lesion) and MTC is trying to accelerate the recovery of symptoms. The preventive effect of the ligament tapes to improve is to explain theoretically the stability, but have not been properly investigated.
Miller R, Breast W; HAN University of Applied Sciences

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