Ankle Instability

What’s ankle instability?

Many people and especially athletes suffer from ankle instability. This instability often by regularly sprain of the ankle occurs which stretches the ankle ligaments or torn and healing is poor. About 30% of people have one year after the rupture of the ankle still bothered by an unstable feeling. Ankle Instability can be accompanied by swelling and gives an uncertain feeling when walking and exercising. In addition to swelling, stiffness is a complaint that is associated with weak ankles.

Sporttape during exercise

There are athletes who like to while exercising “fix” the ankles with the familiar white, not elastic athletic tape. Exercise is almost impossible. This gives the athlete a sense. After exercising this tape should be removed.

General stabilization of the ankle: 8-figure with CureTape®

Within the Medical Taping Concept we have a single tape that is very well suited to both ankle instability, as well as preventive during exercise. The advantage of this technique is that tape, the tape continues to sit for a few days and that a shower is not a problem. The tape also provides pain relief, moisture management and improving function. If the foot joint is unstable, a tape can be applied which provides a supporting effect and also stimulates the proprioception of the foot joint. The joint receives a signal not to sprain through the nerves. The tape feels like a second skin and is not considered a nuisance. The application tape is in the form of an 8 and may, according to what form of instability is involved, to support from medial, or be applied laterally. In a medial sprain, we recommend applying the following eight tape. Attention is thereby disposed on said CureTape® unstretched, but may use about the ligamentous structures of the single maximum stretch. • Place the end of the tape over to the lateral malleolus. • Allow to the tape in the caudal direction, pass under the foot (heel). • Subsequently, the tape is running upwards, about the medial malleolus towards the front of the foot. • Allow the tape walking back to the rear over the medial malleolus by end to the dorsum of the foot towards the outside and in the region of the fifth metatarsal. This tape can also be applied the other way, starting on the inside. For athletes is often stronger proprioceptive stimulation is required. This strong stimulation is achieved by applying the eight-sided figure (1st begins medially, laterally 2nd).

ankle stabilization 1 ankle stabilization 4 ankle stabilization 3 ankle stabilization 2

For successful treatment with CureTape® for some stability to a therapist or sports masseur.

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Note: Please note that the specified tape applications and information on our website about the opportunities in the Medical Taping Concept, have not yet been scientifically proven. The statements and examples cited are based on long term experiences of patients and skilled therapists.