FysioTape is the producer of CureTape®, the most widely used kinesiotape brand in the professional (para) medical market. CureTape is a medical product that belongs to Class 1. And so we meet the highest quality and we provide a safe product to therapists, doctors and hospitals. The best and safest choice for your client. You can buy CureTape in the shop of FysioTape!

Order CureTape

You can easily purchase various types CureTape through the webshop of FysioTape. There are different types CureTape you can buy in the shop including: • Standard CureTape role of 5cm x 5m • the big giant roll of 5cm x 31.5 m • CureTape® Punch 5cm x 5m • CureTape® 7.5cm x 5m • CureTape® 2.5cm x 5m • CureTape® 1cm x 5m The normal CureTape roles of 5cm x 5 meters are available in 9 different colors: blue, beige, red, pink, orange, black, yellow, white and green.